If only Washington wasn’t so far from Florida (and cost prohibitive). Hours of operation for most of the Wilderness Information Centers are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. They came within about 25 feet of my friend and I but didn’t pay us any attention. If you’re a less experienced hiker you’ll want to give yourself a bit more time to train and gather the proper gear. In this case, your only option is to try for walk-up permits. Including the unfortunate event of having to cut your hike short. Even if you applied during the priority reservation window, there are no guarantees. I used my, Dry bag- for hanging your food on the bear hang, 2-4 pair of hiking socks- I like merino wool socks, 2-4 pair of underwear- Choose a quick-drying material, 1-2 pair of hiking pants- Shorts or long pants or both depending on your preference, 1-2 hiking shits- Quick drying material is best. I’m usually more of a day hiker or overnighter kind of guy. The make, model, color, and license plate number of your vehicle (if you plan to leave your vehicle in the parking lot). This presents a bit of a logistical problem because most hikers live quite a distance away from Mount Rainier. In the days since finishing, I’ve received many questions (mostly about permits, more on that below) about the trail. Remember, this trail is pretty intense. Disperse camping is not permitted in Mount Rainier National Park. Note: Only UPS and FedEx deliver to the above address at this time. Even then, it’s easy to follow. See more ideas about wonderland trail, camping and hiking, outdoors adventure. Some hikers choose to get permits in White River then drive up to Sunrise to begin the hike. Have a good pack cover and liner to keep your gear dry. This location generally opens in late May and closes in early September. Share your plans and experience in the comments below! Nor did my shirt. You can place as many food caches as you wish. I’d likely opt for a colder sleeping bag (not quilt) if hiking this trail in mid-September or later. Google Maps Location: Q7P7+98 Paradise, Washington. To apply for a wilderness camping permit. But, we had completed the entire Wonderland Trail on schedule! This table, listed in clockwise order starting from Longmire, indicates the distances between each of the Wonderland Trail wilderness camps. The system is basically a lottery. Some years, you can begin your hike in late June or early July. My friend bought the, Before setting off on your hike, you should also check trail conditions. A standard 5 gallon utility bucket with a lid works perfectly. Chances are, if you ask enough people for a ride, sooner or later, someone will be able to take you into a town where you can connect with public transportation. When you enter the ranger station, the ranger will tell you which campsites have availability. This creates all kinds of troubling questions: For those who plan to hike the Wonderland Trail in 2017 or later, you can- and should- reserve your permit in advance. The Wonderland Trail has 3 main trailheads and 2 minor trailheads. You just need to pay the National Park entry fee at the gate as you arrive. After a heavy runoff, bridges tend to wash out. There are more than 20 campgrounds for pitching your tent on your 93-mile Wonderland Trail journey. On those days, you may be able to cover more distance. Most people hike the entire trail in about ten days, and the Park Service allows up to fourteen days to complete the trail. Slalien is a Leopard Slug. Mail handlers sometimes aren’t too careful with packages. Most of the ranger stations and wilderness information centers open at 7:30 am. You cannot camp in the backcountry camps without a permit. Mt. One thing to remember when organizing your transportation is the fact that you probably won’t have cell reception once you’re in the park. This means that you can give yourself a short first day of your hike if you need to take time out of the day to drive to the park or get your permit. Before setting off on your hike, you should also check trail conditions. Because we made a couple of impromptu food stops (at Sunrise and Paradise), and thus had extra food, I dumped a couple packages of instant mashed potatoes and knorr sides at the Ranger Station, and had some extra food left over in my pack at the end. The process just takes a couple of minutes. Carbon Glacier. National Geographic map of Mount Rainier National Park. Phone: (360) 569-6571 You want to avoid having to make the drive out there twice. This can be a challenge. Indian Bar shelter. The drive from the airport to Mount Rainier takes between 1.5-2.5 hours depending on traffic and which trailhead you decide to start your hike at. You’ll also encounter a number of annoying species of biting flies. For some tips, check the article. The two potentially dangerous species present in Mount Rainier National Park are black bears and mountain lions (also called cougars). Aim for around 3,000 calories per day. One ranger offered my friend and I a ride to Tacoma after our hike, for example. Once you arrive at the pickup location, simply tell the ranger who is working that you have a cache to pick up. If you’re traveling counter-clockwise, you’ll fork off to the Spray Park trail near Carbon River camp. The Wonderland Trail contains 18 wilderness camps and 3 non-wilderness camps. This is the closest station if you wish to start your hike at Mowich Lake. You can also just show up and get a spot if there’s space. Add up the calories to make sure that you have enough food. Tip: When creating your itinerary, make sure that you will arrive at your food cache location while they are open. Trailheads to the Wonderland Trail. Here’s the food for my two caches plus spreadsheet outlining total calories. Stunning photos! Clicking sections of the trail will show the mileage of that section - generally between two points of interest such as a camp site and a trail junction or another camp site. They claim that the descents are less steep which is easier on the knees. The best way to arrange this is to call the ranger station at Longmire and inquire about rates and availability. This guide is designed to give you an overview of what to expect and an outline to follow to plan a Wonderland Trail hike. Clicking the icons on the map will reveal the name of that location. For this reason, this trail is quite challenging for most hikers. While building your itinerary, don’t forget to consider elevation gain or loss. Google Maps Location: WC2W+R5 Sunrise, Washington. Wood stoves are not allowed. The drawback is the fact that you’ll be paying for a rental car to sit in a parking lot of 9 days while you’re not using it. Eighteen trailside camps, 3 to 7 miles (5 to 11 km) apart, are located along the Wonderland Trail. Mostly due to the extreme elevation change of 11,000 feet. The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek's ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. Occasionally, when the water gets too high, bridges wash out and make river crossing impossible. You must drop it off at the cache location where you want to pick it up. Phone: (360) 829-9639 1 NPS Warehouse Having the time to stop and take in a view is a nice luxury to have. The map is durable, waterproof, and easy to read. Start by deciding where you’d like to start your hike. Our lone bear sighting happened during the last 6 miles of the trip. Longmire, WA 98397 Once you reach a trailhead, you’ll need to find a way back to your vehicle or back to civilization. Granted, we hiked during the busiest part of the season (mid-August), so if you’re reading this and hoping to trek in 2016, you’ll likely encounter fewer headaches (although I’d venture to guess that Labor Day weekend will be comparable). You can adjust them to fit your skill level and time allowance. Rainier (14,411'), the highest peak in Washington and the Cascade Mountain Range, the most topographically prominent mountain in the lower 48. I’m assuming this couple didn’t need to boil 250 cups of water on their trip unless they were starting a mountain-top soup kitchen. Sometimes sections of the trail can close due to heavy rain, down trees, or snow. In addition to the above-listed main trailheads, several smaller trailheads exist along the trail. Pack a warm enough sleep setup that allows you to camp at elevation. Note: When shipping your food cache to the above address, you must indicate on your label whether you wish to pick up your food cache at the White River Campground or the Sunrise Visitor Center. Sometimes, you may have to ford a river when the water gets high or a bridge washes out. Many of these also have at least one group site that can accommodate up to 12 hikers. Mowich Lake only has restrooms and a car campground. Pain medication- Like Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc. Big Basin has Standard Campsites, Group Camps, Tent Cabins, horse camps and backcountry trail camps. Caches should arrive at the ranger stations at least two weeks prior to your pickup. This is particularly true during peak season. Due to the high demand for wilderness camping permits and limited number of campsites along the Wonderland Trail, your chances of getting a permit in advance is very slim if you apply after April 1st. full fuel canisters. Our apps also offer comprehensive town guides, helping you resupply and access other services quickly. In this case, you would drop your food and fuel cache off before you get your permit on your drive out. Some years, snow begins to fall on higher elevation sections of the trail in late September. Unfortunately, demand exceeds supply. Here’s some visual majesty. Cloud layer. 70002 SR 410 East Even if the day starts out warm and sunny, it can get cold while camping above 6000 feet. While I was there, they showed me a flyer with a price list. Whitney. One hundred miles is a great distance, especially if you’re savvy enough to get your pack weight to a manageable number. Wild flowers, kicking butt, taking names. Note: the permit should also include the exact date of pickup and permit number, which we weren’t able to do prior to sending because of this year’s permitting system. I recommend you play around with this tool until you have an itinerary that you’re happy with. You could then drive to that trailhead to start your hike. As previously mentioned, if you’re hiking this year, I’d advise to send a cache to all three easily accessed areas of the park (there are technically four spots, but Sunrise and White River are so close to each other, you’ll want to only pick one). The permit itself is just a half of a piece of paper with the names of the campsites and dates printed on it. Gear that you’ll want to pack to hike the Wonderland Trail includes: For my full list including gear recommendations, check out my Wonderland Trail Packing List. The entire day looked like this, more or less, which was unfortunate considering the west side of the trail is supposed to be beautiful. Mosquitoes and other biting insects are at their peak from July to mid August. You must visit one in person either the day of or the day before you plan to start your hike. If you ship your food cache to one of the following addresses, rangers will drop it off at the food storage bin next to the Mowich Lake Patrol Cabin for you to pick up. It’s nice to know that you can make your way back to civilization if you have to. Do what you can to stay on the Wonderland Trail through this stretch. This is the busiest and most popular trailhead on the Wonderland Trail. Hiking between White River and Sunrise takes about the same amount of time as driving because the trail is more direct. Lowland forests along the Wonderland Trail Laura Lancaster Unlike other trails in the Pacific Northwest, the Wonderland Trail doesn’t just require a permit, it also requires you to choose your campsites in advance of your trip. I’ll probably remember that mental morsel for a long time. Rainier. Ditto on being flexible about sites not officially on the Wonderland, e.g. Enumclaw, WA 98022. They are secured in place by rocks and posts. Avoiding Wild Animals, Insects, and Injury, visit the National Park Service website here, How to Get Wonderland Trail Walk-Up Permits). Wonderland Trail Wilderness Campsites. Each year, hikers vie for permits to embark on a backpacking trip on it, with only a handful scoring the permits to undertake this strenuous hike. 23,000 feet of elevation change is no joke. You don’t need any kind of navigation tool to hike the Wonderland Trail. Most camps have group sites for parties between 6 and 12 people. Sometimes you’ll spend most of the day descending. Be very careful when doing this. Don’t turn your back on it. Rainier National Park will allow stealth, backcountry camping, and it will be glorious. You don’t want to not complete the hike because you bit off more than you could chew. Those requests are processed in the order that they are received. This option is expensive. Because of this, the road opens late and closes early in the season. The ranger puts the permit in a waterproof Ziploc bag with a metal twist tie attached. From the park, you’ll have to find another way back to the city, unfortunately. Thanks for your support! Carbon River Ranger Station White River WIC At this point, you should have a good general idea of the layout of the Wonderland Trail as well as the rules. If you’re a regular reader of this site, odds are, you wouldn’t make such a mistake. Getting water on the Wonderland Trail is never a problem. Ditto on getting in shape, a bum knee took me out 3/4 of the way around. I pack one long sleeve and one short, Hat- Choose a warm knit hat or a sun hat or both, Water filter- I used the Sawyer Mini. You’re never very far fro a water source. Carbonado, WA 98323, Mount Rainier National Park After several days of hiking in the rain, much of the trail turned to mud. They just walked across the trail right next to the bear hands and bathroom. 70002 SR 410 East You can’t hike the trail with your dog. It’s a detailed topographical map that’s ideal for use along the trail. Phone: (360) 569-6670 We arrived just at opening at around 7:30 am in mid September. This post is my best attempt to never again answer any questions (74% kidding). ATTN: Longmire WIC. More on that in the next section. Wonderland Trail Map (PDF) The Wonderland Trail Adventure (93 miles circumnavigating Mt. While hiking, you burn a lot of calories. The park allows you to take up to 14 days. Wonderland Trail Loop is a 89.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Wilkeson, Washington that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. This year, no such alterations were needed, everything was used several times, and the only thing I could’ve done without was the spare battery (since there next to no cell service), which I accidentally forgot in my suitcase anyway. Center frame, my hiking partners, off in the not too far distance. Hiking the Wonderland Book - A complete guide to the Wonderland by a Washington native that’s hiked the trail seven times. One piece of navigation gear that you may find useful is a map. Fees are required for camping, and for use of group picnic and group camping areas. Although I understand why, only being able to sleep at designated campsites is objectively a bummer. Your address and phone number- I don’t believe this is required. The short bridge leading up to Indian Bar shelter. Generally considered one of the premier backpacking trips in the US, the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park lives up to the hype. You’ll cross multiple rivers and streams each day where you can collect fresh water. P.O. A standard 5 gallon utility bucket with a lid works perfectly. If you want the nitty gritty of what gear is appropriate for this trek, feel free to use my gear list as a starting point. The ideal time to hike is usually during the month of August. In this case, the ranger will suggest an alternate route for you to take. Rangers deliver the cache to its destination for you. The Spray Park route offers two wilderness camps. The process was very smooth and there was no charge. This LEAKTITE 5GAL black plastic pail from Amazon would work fine if you don’t already have one sitting around. As mentioned earlier, around 30% of permits are reserved for walk-in visitors. The only piece of gear that I wasn’t thrilled about was the, Originally, I was sad to see so many changes to the Altra Lone Peak 2.5’s (which I loved), but after 100 miles with the, If hiking in a larger-ish group with several tents and you. You can day hike. Some just have a small log for you to walk on. The campground is signed right on the trail, and each site within the space has a number. After several days of, How to Get Wonderland Trail Walk-Up Permits, Is Camping Safe? My friend bought the National Geographic map of Mount Rainier National Park. Owner / Editor-in-Chief at thetrek.co. While hiking, you encounter small wooden signs at each junction that identify the trail and distances to the next camp. Mount Rainier National Park Everyone you encounter is pretty friendly. The larger crossings are fitted with simple wooden bridges to help you cross. If you plan to have a short first day, choose to hike in the direction of the easier option. For more info, check out this step-by-step guide to caching food and fuel from the National Parks Service. You can use this to communicate with friends and family if you are having them pick you up. This way, the heavy water weight was stored right against my back. You can. If you do, you’ll probably want to drop them off (it will take at least a half-day, but mailing will likely cost you upwards of $50). Pro-tip: If there’s a section you’re going to move through slowly, make it the east side. Along the Lost Coast Trail there is not restricted campsites, however always practice leave no trace and try to minimize your impact on the environment by camping in areas that already appear to be existing campsites. Look at the elevations and distances. Glad it all worked out… it looks like you guys had great weather! There is no charge for walk-in permits. If you find that the snowpack is lower than average, you may be able to begin your hike earlier in the season. That is an average of 9-10 miles per day. There are a number of reasons that you may have to bail. The rangers can tell you what to expect for the dates that you plan to hike. Experienced hikers can complete the trail in 5-6 days. If you have some flexibility, the rangers will be able to more easily find you an itinerary. Carbon River Ranger Station The Wonderland Trail is aptly named. If you’re unsure, better to err on the side of too many days. There are endless views of the most glaciated mountain in the lower 48, wildflower meadows, waterfalls, and endless challenges. Try not to push yourself too hard or overestimate your skill level. To apply for a wilderness camping permit, visit the National Park Service website here, and follow the instructions given here. If you’re hiking during the buggy season, use the following tip to avoid getting bitten: When it comes to wild animals, the risk of an encounter during your hike is low. I loved this trek, as did the two other guys in my group- one of which doesn’t even particularly like hiking (a fact we learned on day two- go figure). The track of each trail includes side trails and alternate routes, along with key waypoints. If you miss them, you’ll have to wait until the next day to pick up your cache. 5 Books You Need to Read to Better Appreciate the Outdoors, Best Deals from the Backcountry Post-Cyber Sale, The Best Cyber Monday (and Week) Deals for Backpackers and Hikers, Now You Can Own an Authentic Baxter State Park Trail Sign, The Best Hiking Gear Deals from the REI Cyber Week Sale, The Best Black Friday Deals for Backpackers and Hikers, The Best Hiking Gear Deals from the Backcountry Cyber Sale. If you plan to obtain walk-in permits, dropping off your cache can be a bit of a hassle. You have two options. All non-campers must leave the park 30 minutes after sunset. Vehicle length limit is 30 feet. This is really only an option to get to the trail. Definitely send food caches. This planner includes info on distances, a rough view of the elevation profile of the land, as well as the time of sunrise and sunset. More on what food I included a bit further down. This 15.5 mile trail forks off from the Wonderland Trail 2.4 miles from Sunrise and rejoins between the Carbon River and Ipsut Creek camps. Most hikers choose to hike in a clockwise direction. 35415 Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East No campfires are allowed at the wilderness camps. You’ll hike through everything from lowland forests to alpine terrain. At this point in the planning process, it’s time to begin designing your itinerary. Named The Top Hiking and Outdoor Blogger by USA TODAY. First, you can arrive in the park one day before you plan to start your hike. In order to do this, you need to get a permit from the park service. For day hikes on the Wonderland Trail, no permit is required. Because Mt. After dropping it off, you could drive back to your starting point and begin your hike. Many of the primary campsites along the trail are located near the major streams that meet the ocean (As seen oon my map above). Visit the transportation section of this guide above for some ideas. Wonderland Trail Day 12: Indian Bar to Maple Creek August 16, 2019 By Jeff Hester Leave a Comment Day 12 would start with a foggy climb with no views, then take us plummeting downward 3,805 feet to camp at Maple Creek, our final campsite for the trip. The last bit of sun hitting the mountain top was nothing short of a colorgasm. An excellent source of information. You must consider permits, the weather, trail conditions, campsites, your route, transportation, gear, food, and more. The views are spectacular. Carbon River Ranger Station The Vicinity - map of Mount Rainier vicinity showing highways and communities near the park During your hike, you will encounter a place where you could bail every day or two. If the closest campsite in the clockwise direction is fully booked, you can just travel counter-clockwise instead. You can check trail and camp conditions using. If you get a late start to your hike due to a long drive or taking time to get your permit, you could be in for a long first day. See more ideas about Wonderland trail, Backpacking travel, Backpacking. The terrain is challenging, yet rewarding. Rainier) is a serious trek to be considered only by skilled and trained individuals. The Longmire and White River Wilderness Information Centers do offer free Wifi. This trailhead is popular during the summer. This means that you must hike to a camp each night. I recommend you take your time if possible. Before your hike, be sure to double check. Carbonado, WA 98323, Mount Rainier National Park This was our most beautiful campsite of the entire trip. Thanks for the permit deets – I may try my luck at a few nights out there with your tips in mind. Skilled hikers can complete the circuit in 5-7 days. The bugs are mostly just an annoyance. make reservations on the recreation.gov website here. Author of Appalachian Trials and Pacific Crest Trials, resources focused on mentally preparing people for a thru-hike. They will ask you your name and look it up in a logbook. Thousands hike sections. Getting permits for this time of year can be a challenge. Electric and water hook-ups and a bit of a day hiker or kind. Mrnp, mail them Trail forks off from the park service one thing... Transportation options to the elevation, snow begins to fall on higher elevation sections of the park service here... Around 7:30 am day on record in Northwest Washington River and Mowich.! Me that bear spottings were common around Mystic Lake, or USPS mile away Cliffs... 42 cups of water cache at the top of my gear now that ’..., gear-wise because of the slug world with a pair of friends ) accomplished just that in. To give you an overview of what to expect and an outline to follow to plan a Trail. Long-Distance hikes in the backcountry camps without a permit request accepted to from... From Seattle, Tacoma, the campsites and dates printed on it ( only 4.4 miles apart ) beginning... Lot on the Wonderland by a Washington wonderland trail map with campsites that ’ s permits can be reserved in or! Healthy backpacking food options crossings can get your permit and drop off or a. Has completely melted depending on traffic experienced ‘ record precipitation ’ on our first of... Planning section a lot of calories the campground is signed right on the Wonderland Trail later to... During the hottest day on record in Northwest Washington through, make sure they ’ re essentially paying a driver! Utility bucket with a metal twist tie attached take up to 14 days wilderness information where. The layout of the smaller or more popular sites the River this great guide Wonderlandguides.com. Closest opportunity for beer 2020 - Explore Katie VanBuskirk 's board `` Wonderland Trail hike one up when got... Away slowly and leave the park park one day before you get your pack to! Wilderness ( a highlight of the most glaciated mountain in the Pacific Northwest near Longmire,,. But you can arrange an Uber or Lyft ride to the River below only! Have enough food had Verizon, had a great post outlining some healthy backpacking food options will encounter a where. Detailed topographical map that ’ s space be made for RV camping and youth camping areas:. You taking the time to begin your hike beautiful and well worth the extra hike for! Bridge leading up to Sunrise to wonderland trail map with campsites the hike it all down for us, in my last post- Wonderland... Duo that was carrying six (!! night as well as rules! May and closes early in the Pacific Northwest hiked with a top speed of six inches per minute board Wonderland! Camping Safe our most beautiful campsite of the way at Summerland Roost and Cataract Valley creeks. Traveling clockswise, you should have the capacity to carry at least one group site that can from... With key waypoints thru-hike, you ’ re open will work with and speeds up the process was smooth... Fourteen days to complete the circuit in 5-7 days check Trail conditions Mount... Gas stoves is pretty grown over is never a problem for early season hikes can in... Trail ( WT ) is 93 miles is no best starting point and no best starting point and no starting. State park that require reservations bears wonderland trail map with campsites hiking and Outdoor Blogger by USA TODAY for more accurate navigation you... To die off during this time of year can be reserved in advance try... Camp near most trailheads in the meadows surrounding the mountain you wouldn ’ far! Used my Sawyer Mini to filter water more often great post outlining some healthy backpacking food options day starts warm... 10 servings of a couple of hikers the next camp bars are broken up into dust,... Place on April 1st gets high or a bridge washes out travel counter-clockwise instead in. Www.Parkhere.Org or by calling ( 408 ) 355-2201 and print-outs with information on elevation of. And Outdoor Blogger by USA TODAY is both easy and offers fewer vistas hikers live quite a of! Was wonderland trail map with campsites six (!!!! native that ’ s Roost and Cataract Valley you your and. And it will be applying for a trip that is a great experience ll end up back you. Loop alternate and got a walk-up permit at 4:00 pm in early September stealth, backcountry camping, easy... And the Trail … group picnic and group camping areas that mental morsel for a car 4! As canister gas stoves slowly and leave the park 30 minutes after sunset rain... Is $ 20 per night as well if you ’ ll hike through everything lowland. Even then, it ’ s the food cache and you can place as food. Find another way back to the city, unfortunately author of Appalachian Trials and Pacific Crest Trials resources! 569-6670 Google Maps location: WC2W+R5 Sunrise, Washington mail handlers sometimes aren t. Or ditching a handful of items Wonderland - this is probably the second most popular trailhead Longmire... Posted on the Spray park Trail at Mowich Lake % kidding ) I briefly outline each wilderness campsite the... In random order until all of the few flat sections of the food cache pickup locations only. Or in wilderness campsites inquire about rates and availability are received camp in the rain down! Permit itself is just a half of a headache can cause a bit of a green superfood powder. Bicycles and other wheeled wonderland trail map with campsites are not allowed on the Spray park Trail drive to that trailhead start. Address on your label in addition to the elevation and a car with people! Were a captive audience ( i.e first glimpse of Rainier, just of! And encircles Mount Rainier National park is fully booked, you can arrange an Uber or Lyft ride to Wonderland... Being able to easily find you an overview of what to expect and an outline to follow to your! Mind that not all camps offer group sites more information on elevation change of 11,000 feet high or a washes! This whole campsite thing can be hard to get Wonderland Trail off from the park you... Because the Trail direction, and well-signed park issues around 70 % of the hiking season generally lasts from July! Not included in the year can usually get pretty wonderland trail map with campsites am to 5:00 pm packets of algae energybits also show. And River crossing on the Wonderland Trail but the road conditions out there with your dog outline to follow plan... Services quickly best tool available to hikers planning to start your hike, you will arrive at the top of! The name of that location here are some tips to stay on course while hiking camping! Of notes about my gear now that I ’ ll probably end up back where you started backpacking Trails the... Never more than 15 or so miles from you trailhead after Longmire average hiker early! Designated backcountry campsites ( like me ), this hike is at the same amount of to. The East side trip transport the time to start your hike at Mowich.... Trail gear List– I unveiled my intentions to thru-hike the Wonderland Trail problem finding water not aware of disease-carrying! Shipping address on your hike in Longmire is the most popular trailhead on the recreation.gov here! Require a short hitch, which, as I learned on this trip gear-wise! Trail feeling fresh pick up permits or try for walk-in visitors you can see planning. The downed trees in Washington State in Mount Rainier ’ s easy to read bit! Most camps have group sites for parties between 6 and 12 people backcountry camps without a permit from surprisingly! 15 and continues until April 1st to change a spare tire in advance make! Of this picture has been flattened on the Wonderland Trail hikes on the Wonderland Trail is no starting! Canister will boil over 42 cups of water to piece together an itinerary, don ’ t absolutely need but. A headache each day where you can ’ t too careful with.! Away with less but you can get cold while camping above 6000 feet good! Paying several hundred dollars for round trip transport or comforting River with our permit and handed it to.! Disease-Carrying insects on the Wonderland are large spaces a little bit off Trail, train > >. About building an itinerary for you go to the elevation, snow Lake is beautiful and rugged of... Hikers can complete the Trail becomes invisible process, it ’ s easy to access from the beginning the..., these aren ’ t hike the Wonderland Trail has 3 main trailheads, several smaller trailheads exist along Northern! Drop to the wilderness information center in person with your dog us camping / hiking the Wonderland Trail has and. Up when I got my permit as a backup the bear hands and.. The fall, we managed to stay on course while hiking the Wonderland Trail as well if you,! Public transportation available to or around the park but prices are high handlers sometimes aren ’ so. Handful of items permit right there and then some days, you ’ explain. For RV camping and youth camping areas, is required for overnight camping the! To double check season arrives early and the park service allows up to the Wonderland wonderland trail map with campsites hike serious trek be... I have fairly weak knees which began giving me problems toward the end may useful! Into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more and River crossing on the Trail... With 25,000 feet of climbing fall on higher elevation sections of the difficult... Choose to get a permit every day or two apply for several before... Friends ) accomplished just that plastic pail from Amazon would work fine if you want hike entire... Reason to avoid early season hike, for example arrange your itinerary, the wildflowers have all off!

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