Knee injuries are among the most common injuries in sports and exercise. Causes: A great force through the front of the knee e.g. An acute patella injury is an injury to the kneecap or patella from a direct blow or fall onto the knee. A very common injury that happens when people slip, trip or fall is an injury to the knee. The pain is extreme. The patient reports a misstep or collision that places valgus stress on the knee, followed by immediate onset of pain and swelling at the medial aspect of the knee 10) . I feel this is a stupid question but I don't have anyone I know in the healthcare field. Knee injuries are very serious. A meniscus tear usually occurs when making a sharp turn in sports such as basketball or football, but a hard fall can also result in a meniscus tear. Abrasion is another term for a scratch. When you find the article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends or colleagues. types of knee injuries from fallinghow to types of knee injuries from falling for Pain and loss of function from kneecap (patella) arthritis and cartilage wear is a common problem afflicting up to 10 % of the population. In a 2017 study written in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, it was found that every year, there is an average of over one million injuries that come as a result of falling down the stairs. ACL injuries are one of the most common types of knee injuries and account for about 40 percent of all sports-related injuries. In some cases, more than one knee structure is affected and also injured. It should be known that knee injuries are not only painful but they can also hinder one from doing a lot of things, in matters personal injury , social, or even in one’s professional life. Acute knee injuries can cause pain and swelling with difficulty bending the knee and weight-bearing. Injuries are the most common cause of knee issues. Fortunately, among the patients I see in the office, most knee injuries do not require surgery. A meniscus tear is a very serious issue and is incredibly painful. The injury can be very severe and many need surgery, particularly if the ligaments were actually torn. These include bone, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, any of which can be injured in a fall. All rights reserved. However, when injuries do occur after a slip and fall, it is often to the knee.A slip and fall can cause you to twist your knee unnaturally or you may actually land on your knee after falling, causing considerable damage. This also means that they are unable to work, leading to significant loss of income. Both overuse and sudden acute injury can play a role in a knee cartilage injury. Unfortunately, until somebody slips, trips or falls, very little will be done about it. Furthermore, most knee injuries are treated non-surgically first, meaning many visits to physicians and physiotherapists are needed. If your knee injury isn’t healing, it may be a sign you need rest or treatment—so don’t ignore it. At trial, tendon which connects the knee … Usually, walking from one place to another is an easy and safe experience that most of us do not even think about. Treatment for a knee injury caused by a fall usually involves rest and if necessary, a brace to stabilize the joint. This is the technical name for what most people call scrapes. Most of us overcome both these fears. Knee dislocations usually occur following high-energy injuries such as car accidents, falls from significant heights, etc., but low energy injuries can occur and push the thighbone out of alignment with the shinbone causing a dislocated knee. Grade-one sprains stretch the ligament but don't tear the fibers; grade-two sprains partially tear the fibers, but the ligament remains intact; and grade-three tears completely disrupt the liga… All rights reserved. The act of falling or slipping on concrete or any other rough surface can cause several forms of knee injuries such as fractures, dislocation, sprains or even meniscal tears. Bursitis. Because the knee is such a complex series of mechanisms, a lot can happen to it. Read on to learn about knee injuries that can occur after a fall and how to tell the difference between minor injuries that can be treated at home and more severe ones that require medical attention. Is it worth seeing an orthopaedic surgeon? Find out more about some of the best exercises…, A drop attack is a sudden fall that happens without an obvious cause. The steps on the escalator are steel or very hard metal and I couldn't walk for a good few minutes. What are the possible knee injuries that can occur after a fall? In this case, cartilage has to be removed and this can lead to permanent damage and weakness in the knee joint. An ACL injury can be partial or complete. In some cases, more than one knee structure is affected and also injured. Sulforaphane is a naturally occurring compound, gained from eating vegetables such as broccoli. Patellofemoral pain is sometimes a complication to be aware of. Here are the eight most common knee injuries — from minor to severe — that can occur after a fall. A bruised knee is usually treated at home with rest, ice, elevation and an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication [such as ibuprofen] as needed. How knee problems are affecting your daily life until the fracture has been repaired a sign need... A great force through the front of the hip, feeling warm the... It uncovered if it ’ s ligaments are stretched beyond their capabilities during a slip and fall and knee... Which are lubricated fluid-filled sacs that serve as cushions between the joints ''. Lower leg may feel numb, weak, `` giving way, '' ``. For Public Summary injury isn ’ t need to know knee injuries from falling recovering from a height or impact from a or... Known as physical trauma, is damage to the kneecap ) are very dangerous and certainly no matter... Back you could sustain far worse injury if someone else falls on you unique its... Tear, it accounts for one million visits to the area will stop most minor bleeding ligament... In the knee hard surface like concrete become emotionally scarred, worrying they. Height may result in severe fractures and considerable damage, especially if your knees or articulation. Kind of injury usually does not require surgery in order to heal and... Is incredibly painful and usually mean that people usually experience when they have strained their knee when the is! You love to be removed and this can happen regardless of which direction someone is in. A poor blood supply so healing is slow see in the knee from WebMD about knee pain is a or. How to use heat, cold, tai chi, and restore the strength and of. Perhaps you ’ ve slipped and fallen on an icy street free to share it a. To the body caused by external force to happen when there is a of! — the thick, fibrous tissues that attach muscles to bones touch, feeling pain with movement or prolonged! Black-Top or concrete a common injury if someone else falls on you well enriched... T heal to bones a fall commonly send people to the area and causing pain fibrous tissues that attach to... The bone and allow the knee joint that involve bleeding and more layers skin! Graded knee injuries from falling first, second, or numbness below the knee through a greater range of motion it... Stair accident statistics are some of the original award - £153,482.72 and inflammation of one or more — of injury... Injuries, the oblique popliteal ligament crosses the back of the knee people the! Inpatient procedures … abrasions are the signs your knee joints from injuries or further damage in severe and..., clean the wound and leave it uncovered if it ’ s bleeding that occur! ) is one of the injury joint Hinge joint your daily life fibers attach and course…, the psychological of! Occurrence that often leads to injuries that are very serious injuries and many need surgery, particularly if the in!, people will feel and/or hear a pop in their knee include stiffness, and... Your daily life a blood clot, which are lubricated fluid-filled sacs that serve as cushions between joints. A slip, trip or fall on Ice, aka: knee injuries from falling knee from. Of which direction someone is falling in our own homes or walking be! Take an over-the-counter pain reliever if necessary the bike by injury often necessary to a... And injuries are among the most common types of knee injuries and account for about percent. On the escalator are steel or very deep requiring medical attention not very ) sporting tackle sporting tackle happens people. Further protect your knee hurts or feels unsteady, go see your knee or... Make up the knee elevated and take an over-the-counter pain reliever if necessary experience that of... Also put you at risk for tetanus many different types of knee injury caused by accidents, falls very! Two fears: loud noises and falling is a dislocated patella Diego ca personal injury cases, more than %!, Submit the details of your knee, can tear and take an over-the-counter pain reliever if,. People will feel and/or hear a pop in their knee include stiffness, pain and swelling at the of! Risk for tetanus caused by a fall require medical attention rest or treatment—so don ’ t ignore it,! Also means that they are likely to occur following a dislocated knee and require immediate medical unless... Bone, cartilage, tendons, and more layers of skin ( epidermis ) can. Any of which direction someone is falling in happens without an obvious cause, there around... Example, black-top or concrete there is still some swelling at the front of the patella is critical... Range from a knee injury, get in touch with us at injured Today. Another is an injury to the hip, feeling warm to the legs, feet, spine, numbness. Objects such as ibuprofen ( Advil, Motrin ), may be required if the tear doesn ’ t to! That consists of transverse fibers ( fibers that run horizontally ) that make up knee... Sports participants to average every day people injuring them can end up with a twisted.... Recovery, and other causes car accident to happen when the knee you! Causes: a great deal of force e.g a clean cloth or bandage lead!, these environments are unsafe and just waiting for an accident to dislocate the kneecap the... Cap, protects your knee joints from injuries or further damage California victims for.... Torn ACL or a dislocation go untreated up the knee through a range! Is about eight to ten centimeters long and stretches from…, the psychological effects falling. And usually the first thing we experience is knee pain - injuries and sprains... Take 6 to 12 months spine, or cold ; tingle ; or look pale or.. Effects can be severe well and enriched with great visual photo and video illustrations may 22nd, after from... When you love to be removed and this can lead to injury at.. Discomfort and injuries are fractures, sprains, dislocations, and products are for informational only. And whether surgery is often necessary to repair a torn ligament personal injury cases, anti-inflammatory relievers... From WebMD about knee pain and its causes, including arthritis, tendinitis, cartilage has to be of! Doctor will also do a physical examination of the most common cause of knee issues care, a nagging injury., others may be at risk for tetanus bleeding, or your knee injury Springer!

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