We hope you found everything you were looking for. "everyone has their own"), but the sentence isn't exactly well-phrased and somewhat misleading (usage of "everyone" with a singular verb and a plural pronoun doesn't imply that "everyone" is considered plural). CORRECT; Everyone were at the beach yesterday afternoon. I'm pretty sure the reference you quote is about the usage of "everyone" with a plural pronoun rather than with a plural verb (e.g. She returned the computer after she noticed it was damaged. Although he was wealthy, he was still unhappy. Common Complex Sentence Examples. Learn collocations of Anyone with free vocabulary lessons. Example sentences using "Everyone" Q: Please show me example sentences with To everyone . Thanks for visiting this page. How to use everyone in a sentence. That is to say, it is a pronoun that refers to an indefinite group of people. For example, avoid sentences like the following, Everyone in the class asked for their grades. How to use everyone else's in a sentence. Learn how to use Anyone using many example sentences. Since everyone is a singular noun, you will want to make sure other pronouns that may follow it in the sentence are correct. Correct singular: Everyone in the office eats his or her lunch inside the pantry. Let's take a look at some common complex sentence examples pertaining to everyday life. Correct plural: All of the people in the office eats their lunch inside the pantry. How to Use "Everyone" The word "everyone" is an indefinite pronoun. Everyone was at the beach yesterday afternoon. Everyone and Every One sound similar but are very different in meaning. A: you may use for everyone as a substitute to to everyone but I used to everyone .I can't explain it in english.I cannot get the term used in my language. Incorrect sentence: Everyone in the office eats their lunch inside the pantry. Everyone definition is - every person : everybody. The everyone list of example sentences with everyone. 2111831 Get everything.CK 1 2111845 Everything's OK.CK 1 2111484 Take everything.CK 1 51793 Everything is OK. CK 1 2100009 I eat everything.AlanF_US 1 1887640 I saw everything.CK 1 320338 Is everything OK? Everyone is used as a pronoun referring to all, every one is a phrase used to refer to each person. Everyone, everybody, everything, everywhere - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary The everyone else's list of example sentences with everyone else's. In addition to worksheets on homonyms, homographs, and homophones, we offer … How to use everyone in a sentence. Incorrect sentence: Somebody has left their bag in the office. Because my coffee was too cold, I heated it in the microwave. WRONG; Problem Sentences. CK 1 2111627 Leave everything.CK 1 2549164 Everything was OK. CK 1 2111842 Everything's fine.CK 1 2111849 Everything's free.CK 1 1898383 Everything's gone. In each example, the independent clause is underlined.

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