It has accommodation for a large fleet with deep water close inshore, but the arid nature of the country caused it to be neglected by the early navigators, and with the growth of Cape Town Saldanha Bay was rarely visited. As a part of the plans of the national government for reclamation of land in the arid states, imposing schemes have been formulated for such work in Colorado, including a great reservoir on the Gunnison. The area of the Niger basin, excluding the arid regions with a slope towards the stream, has been calculated by Dr. A. The survey for the Truckee-Carson system was begun in 1902, with the object of utilizing the waters flowing to waste in western Nevada for the irrigation and reclamation of the adjacent arid regions in Churchill, Lyon and Storey counties. It is celebrated because of the difficulties overcome on the precipitous eastern slopes of the Sierra Madre, the beauties of the mountain scenery through which it passes, and the rapid transition from the hot, humid coastal plain to the cool, arid plateau, 7924 ft. A large part of the country is too arid for agriculture, and even with irrigation the water supply is sufficient for only a small part of the dry area. Because a camel can store water and food in its humps, it is well suited for journeys in arid areas like deserts. Trek over wild rugged mountains; through arid gorges; attempt an ascent of Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. The climate is widely variable, encompassing both high rainfall and arid dessert, while soils are silty loam. Poultry is plentiful arid eggs form a considerable item in the exports. Eagles are often seen, and in the arid and elevated regions crows and ravens are numerous. Examples of arid landscape in a sentence, how to use it. This is the #pronunciation of #arid in British #English + a few examples of its pronunciation in phrases and sentences. 63 in. The Sinai PeninsulaThe triangular-shaped Sinai peninsula has its base on the Mediterranean, the northern part being an arid plateau, the desert of Tih. If this be true, the southern district will furnish a good illustration of an advanced stage of the cycle of arid erosion, in which the exportation of waste from enclosed depressions by the wind has played an important part. Another word for arid. Over the Karroo and other arid regions some io,000 boreholes had been sunk to depths varying from 50 to 500 ft., their yield being 60,000,000 gallons a year. An important product of the plateau and of the open districts of the tierras calientes, growing in the most arid places, is the " nopal " or prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus indica). above the sea, surrounded by an arid, barren desert. Vineyards and sugar-cane yield crops in the warmer ravines; the sub-tropical valleys are famous for splendid crops of maize; wheat and barley thrive on the mountain slopes; arid at heights from 7000 to 13,000 ft. North of Lima is the port and bathing resort of Ancon, in an extremely arid locality but having a fine beach, a healthy climate and a considerable population in the season. Learn the meaning of the word and increase your vocabulary while using Arid in a sentence. Laristan consists mainly of mountain ranges in the north and east, and of arid plains varied with rocky hills and sandy valleys stretching thence to the coast. Il est généralement placé après le nom et s'accorde avec le nom (ex : un ballon bleu, une balle … The loose material may, and in an arid region does, consist only of portions of the higher parts of the surface detached by the expansion and contraction produced by heating and cooling due to radiation. : Conversely, vines in hot, atmospherically arid climates readily accumulate excess potassium in the leaves, stems, and fruit. The pulque industry is located on the plateau surrounding the city of Mexico, the most productive district being the high, sandy, arid plain of Apam, in the state of Hidalgo, where the " maguey " (A gave americana) finds favourable conditions for its growth - a dry calcareous surface with moisture sufficiently near to be reached by its roots. at the shoulder, and is absolutely confined to the arid central plateau of Tibet. due west, arid conditions prevail and vegetation is scanty and dwarfed; at Salango island, 50 m. There is no great display of arboreal vegetation anywhere except in the valleys and lower passes where the rainfall is abundant, but in general terms it may be said that the rainfall and vegetation which characterize the Quito basin soon disappear as one proceeds southward, and are substituted by arid conditions. If you describe something such as a period of your life or an academic subject as arid, you mean that it has so little interest, excitement, or purpose that it makes you feel bored or unhappy. Scorpions are numerous in the arid regions. Many regions suffer permanently from deficient rainfall; in others, owing to the absence of irrigation works, the water supply is lost, while the burning of the grass at the end of summer, a practice adopted by many farmers, tends to impoverish the soil and render it arid. In 1899 the irrigated area in the arid states and territories was more than, twice as great as in 1889, the acreage being as follows: - Total In addition to the area above given, in 18 99, 2 73, 11 7 acres were under irrigation in the semi-arid region, east of the states above mentioned and including portions of the states of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Although rivers rising in more favoured regions may traverse deserts on their way to the sea, as in the case of the Nile and the Colorado, the fundamental physical condition of an arid area is that it contributes nothing to the waters of the ocean. Two main barriers still obstructed the realization of his ambition,which now embraced Greece arid Thessaly, as well as Albania, and the establishment in the Mediterranean of a sea-power which should rival that of the dey of Algiers. , Since water is sparse in the arid region, many people in the area collect rainwater during the infrequent showers. Public health significance arid the role of the community dietitian / nutritionist. The government of the Flavians arid the Antonines completed a definite reconciliation. For the sweet lime (Citrus Limetta or Citrus acida) arid lime-juice, see Lemon. Find more ways to say arid, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The Lower Sonoran zone comprises the most arid parts of the United States: south-western Texas, south-western Arizona and a portion of northern Arizona, southern Nevada and a large part of southern California. , During the drought, the lake was too arid for water activities. In the most arid regions there is a small growth of green in the rainy season, and a rich display of small wild-flowers, as well as the enormous flower clusters of the yucca, and blooms in pink and orange, crimson, yellow and scarlet of the giant cactus and its fellows. The relations between John the Fearless arid the duke of Orleans became more embittered, and on the 23rd of November 1407 Orleans was murdered in the streets of Paris at the instigation of his rival. Thus, taking the continent as a whole, it may be described as a plateau, fringed by a lowlying well-watered coast, with a depressed, and for the most part arid, interior. C. giganieus, the largest and most striking species of the genus, is a native of hot, arid, desert regions of New Mexico, growing there in rocky valleys and on mountain sides, where the tall stems with their erect branches have the appearance of telegraph poles. She glanced around at the arid camp, taking in the dusty tents and scraggly cacti.. Its waters are lost in the arid stony plateau of the Sorl. The stray kitten was unable to find water on the arid summer day. It is a native of the arid regions and is now cultivated with success. Thenceforward his health declined, arid his closing years, surrounded by the love of friends and the esteem of all musicians, were spent almost wholly in retirement. 22 examples: The semi-arid climate in the study area has low, highly variable rainfall… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile Its zoology resembles that of Sokotra, but the fauna includes land shells and scorpions peculiar to Abd-elKuri. These sediments were formed in an arid, enclosed shallow seaway or saline lake between 230 and 215 million years ago. The plateau is bleak and inhospitable in the north, barren and arid toward the south, containing great saline depressions covered with water in the rainy season, and broken by ridges and peaks, the highest being the Cerro de Tahua, 17,454 ft. "In places," writes Hearne, "which have been long frequented by beavers undisturbed, their dams, by frequent repairing, become a solid bank, capable of resisting a great force both of ice arid water; and as. It is as right for the National Government to make the streams and rivers of the arid regions useful by engineering works for water storage, as to make useful the rivers and harbours of the humid regions by engineering works of another kind. " Arid upland plains and parched hillsides take the place of the rich verdure and luxuriant arborescent growth of Imeretia, Svanetia and Mingrelia, the districts which occupy the valleys of the Ingur and Rion and the tributaries of the latter. The general appearance of the surface is arid and desolate, partly because of the volcanic remains, and partly because of the scanty rainfall, which is insufficient to support vegetation other than that of the desert except in the deeper mountain valleys. Small fruits, orchard fruits, hay, garden products and grains are decreasingly dependent on irrigation; wheat, which was once California's great staple, is (for good, but not for best results) comparatively independent of it, - hence its early predominance in Californian agriculture, due to this success on arid lands since taken over for more remunerative irrigated crops. 2. 2. The cold antarctic, or Humboldt, current sweeps northward along the coast and greatly modifies the heat of the arid, tropical plateaus. The coast is low and extremely arid, and would be uninhabitable were it not for the proximity of the Sierra Madre, where a light rainfall is experienced, and for the numerous rivers that cross the arid belt between the mountains and the sea. From the mountains we head south to an area of arid grassland steppe and striking red rocky landscapes. The arid portion, as compared with the eastern portion, of the state has alike the advantages and disadvantages of a climate more sharply characterized. The book of laws (Vendidad) is characterized by an arid didactic tone; only here and there the legislator clothes his dicta in the guise of graceful dialogues and tales, or of poetic descriptions and similitudes; and then the book of laws is transformed into a didactic poem. In the Carolinian zone the tulip tree, sycamore, sweet gum, rose magnolia, short-leaf pine and sassafras find their northernmost limit Sage brush is common to both the western arid Transstion zone and the Upper Sonoran zone, but in suitable soils of the latter several greasewoods (Artiplex confertifolia, A. In addition to the climatic changes due to altitude, there are others caused by local arid conditions, by volcanic influences and by the influence of mountain ranges on the temperature and rainfall of certain districts. Fall gave way to winter, turning the air cold and arid. Filter. thick, arid were lined with staves of pine 3 in. The great bulk of Domesday Book is devoted to the somewhat arid details of the assessment and valuation of rural estates, which were as yet the only important source of national wealth. - Owing to its low latitude and generally arid surface, Arabia is on the whole one of the hottest regions of the earth; this is especially the case along the coasts of the Persian Gulf and the southern half of the Red Sea, where the moist heat throughout the year is almost intolerable to Europeans. Where the line of elevated land runs east and west, as in Asia, the desert belt tends to be displaced into higher latitudes, and where the line runs north and south, as in Africa, America and Australia, the desert zone is cut through on the windward side of the elevation and the arid conditions intensified on the lee side. The KOko Shimbun was suppressed; Fukuchi was thrust into prison, arid all journals or periodicals except those having official sanction were vetoed. Within the limits indicated the country consists mainly of sandy desert and rugged and arid steppes and plateaus through which the Nile forces its way to Upper Egypt. When water can be obtained and distributed over an arid region by irrigation, the surface as a rule becomes extremely productive. The other branches of the Mlagarazi, which traverse the somewhat arid granite plateaus between the lake and 33° E., bring comparatively little water to the main stream. Neopythagoreanism was an attempt to introduce a religious element into pagan philosophy in place of what had come to be regarded as an arid formalism. ; but on the arid, elevated plateau at its western extremity the temperature falls below 57° F., and the rainfall has diminished to 2 in. early musicijacked by the early-music movement with its weight of authentic performance practice, spontaneous souls may find its study an arid territory indeed. Dukhn, a species of millet which can grow in the arid northern districts is there the chief grain crop, its place in the south being taken by durra. The western region, both plateau and coastlands, specially that part north of the Orange, is largely semi or wholly desert, while in the Cape province the terrace lands below the interior plateau are likewise arid, as is signified by their Hottentot name karusa (Karroo). As these lakes shrank after the return of an arid climate, they left elevated beaches and deposits of various minerals, which mark their former extent. Among venomous snakes the harlequin, or coral snake (Elaps fulvius) is common along the coast; the copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) along the wooded banks of creeks and rivers; the cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus), in all parts of the state except the more arid districts; the "sidewiper," or massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus consors, sometimes called Crotalophorus tergeminus) and the ground rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius), in all sections. In southern India, Gujarat and in the United Provinces the arid is much the same as to length and fit as the English shirt; as the traveller goes northward from Delhi to the Afghan border he sees the kurta becoming longer and looser till he finds the Pathan wearing it almost to his ankles, with very full wide sleeves. It ought not to-be forgotten that this important modification was the last service rendered to his adopted country by the prince consort before hisfatal illness He died before the answer to the despatch was received; and his death deprived the queen of an adviser who had stood by her side since the earlier daysof her reign, and who, by his prudence and conduct, had done much to raise the tone of the court and the influence of the crown. Wyoming thus belongs with the arid states, and irrigation is necessary for agriculture. The city is built on the flat summit of a rocky hill, which rises abruptly in the midst of a veritable wilderness; a brown, arid, treeless table-land, strewn with immense grey boulders, and shut in by lofty mountains. Nebraska lies partly in the arid, or Upper Sonoran, and partly in the humid, or Carolinian, area of the Upper Austral lifezone; the divisional line being placed by the United States Biological Survey at about too° W. The island 's flora varies greatly, ranging from temperate to tropical forests and from arid scrubland and plains to lush hills. In the north and east they give place, as the Manych and the coasts of the Caspian are approached, to arid, sandy, stony steppes. the cactus, sagebrush and yucca, types characteristic of more arid regions, are found. presents more the aspects of elevated plains gapped with ravine-like river-courses, while in the S.E., towards the Manych depression, it passes over into the arid Aral-Caspian steppes (e.g. part of the great central plateau is arid and has a very light rainfall; it has no streams, therefore, except from melting snows, and the higher elevations which receive the impact of the easterly winds. Enduring hardily great extremes of heat and moisture, it is throughout the arid South-west the most important, and in many localities the only important, native tree. ; but the number of experiments over the longer distance was greater, and he appears to have put more confidence in the result from them, viz. How to use arid in a sentence. Northern Tibet is an arid waste, subject to intense heat in summer and intense cold in winter. This element was introduced via Torres Strait, and spread down the Queensland coast to portions of the New South Wales littoral, and also round the Gulf of Carpentaria, but has never been able to obtain a hold in the more arid interior. It is an arid bank of heathland and dunes, but both Nordby and Sonderho in the south are frequented as seaside resorts. Sentence examples for arid from inspiring English sources. Owing to the prevalent dry easterly winds from the arid plains of north Australia, Timor, like Ombay, Flores and other neighbouring islands, has a much drier climate, and a poorer vegetation, than islands further west, and has few perennial streams and no considerable rivers. The generative organs arid coelom probably did not send extensions along the rays into the brachioles; but apparently nerves from the aboral centre, after passing through the thecal plates, met in a circumoral ring, from which branches passed into the plate under each main food-groove, and thence supplied the brachioles. on the higher, arid, sun-parched tablelands of San Juan. It was formerly fastened with strings, but now with the ghundi (the old form of button) and tukmah or loop. The climate is hot, and in the low-lying, swampy districts very unhealthy; the prevailing winds are north-west and south-east, the former hot and dry from the arid districts west of Mesopotamia, the latter bearing much moisture from the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. The state lies partly in the humid, or Carolinian, and partly in the arid, or Upper Sonoran, area of the Upper Austral life-zone; 100° W. d '?. There are no arid districts, except in the extreme south-west and towards the southern point of the island. and wooden tablets were discovered, inscribed in Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and the Brahmi script of Khotan, the arid conditions, here as elsewhere, having caused these and other perishable objects to remain remarkably well preserved. The larger part of the population is to be found in the southern half of the republic, owing to the arid conditions prevailing in the north. In 1902, by Act of Congress, a " reclamation fund " was created from moneys received from the sale of public lands; it was to be used under a " Reclamation Service " (part of the Department of the Interior) for the reclamation of arid lands. Dame Rebecca formerly Cecily Isabel Fairfield West — 1913 'Lynch Law:TheTragedy of Ignorance', in The Clarion, 17 Oct. AlmwrothWright was oneof the most vocalopponents of women's suffrage. How to use arid in a sentence. Their arid country was the best safeguard of their cherished liberty; for the bottle-shaped cisterns for rain-water which they excavated in the rocky or argillaceous soil were carefully concealed from invaders. arid climate in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary Examples of arid climate It has proved only too easy to set off the vicious circle of land clearance, soil erosion, decreased fertility of the land, disappearing vegetation and an increasingly arid climate. Vocabulary Builder tool is great for developing a sophisticated vocabulary. The tombs of Mdflm under Snefru are built with immense blocks of limestone of 20 arid 33 tons weight. (land, climate: dry) (très sec) aride adj adjectif: modifie un nom. arid in a sentence - 12. 3. 2. eleven in the morning arid that night we landed at Le Havre. I felt thrilled to be back in Abyssinia and stared entranced at the arid landscape of the Danakil desert. Of the great inland region, which includes the arid campos of the north, the partially-wooded plateaus of Minas Geraes, Goyaz and Matto Grosso, the temperate highlands of the south, and the tropical lowlands of the Paraguay basin, no adequate description can be given without taking each section in detail, which can be done to better advantage in describing the individual states. These are not the arid canyons you normally associate with Arizona. She … d '?. 23. 2) The desert is so arid that nothing can grow there. arid gorges; attempt an ascent of Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. From its great distance from the ocean it is extremely arid, and possesses no river outlet. The crops will not grow in the arid ground because the soil is too dry. , Because some regions of India are extremely arid, many households receive only a few gallons of water each day. It rises from the plain of Hasya-Homs, and in its northern portion is very arid. The districts of Suder and Wushm lie on its northern side, Arid in the centre, and Aflaj, Harik and Yemama on its south, in the basin of the W. Every kind of terrain is tenanted, from dense, moist and hot forests at the level of the sea to arid deserts, high plateaus and mountains. Except for the broad valleys of the Panhandle, where the soils are black in colour and rich in vegetable mould, the surface of the state is arid; the Snake river valley is a vast lava bed, covered with deposits of salt and sand, or soils of volcanic origin. m., is the finest forest of the arid south-west. In Gujarat and the arid plains of the south-east Punjab the renowned herds almost disappeared. ?i E Longitude East 78° of Greenwich F 3,c in the immigration from the Central Asian plateau of such species as could adapt themselves to the dry climate and soil, in the disappearance of European and Altaic species from all the more arid parts of the region, in the survival of steppe species, and in the adaptation of many of the existing species to the needs of an arid and extreme climate and a saline soil. of the Pecos Valley, and in the Staked Plain and Edwards Plateau; and the widely extending Lower Austral zone, covering most of the state and subdivided into the Lower Sonoran or arid western part, the Austroriparian, or humid eastern, and the narrow Gulf Strip, which is semi-tropical.

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