We offer the widest range of birch plywood panels and components from Europe and Russia  Contact us for a quote on 01992 410333. This resin-bond plywood is water resistant for interior or exterior use. Welcome to the Peter Benson (Plywood) Limited website. Sheet Size: Birch plywood importers since 1998 Commercial supplier of European birch plywood direct to industry in pack volumes Suppliers of sheet materials for a variety of end uses. Birch Plywood has a wide variety of applications including interior and exterior use in building and construction, transport, packaging, furniture, joinery and many others. Attention 2' x 4' Plywood are cut with grain. Reliable WISA products are certified in accordance with the relevant technical and environmental standards. Quality Birch Aircraft grade plywood produced toAB/B grade on all thicknesses. This plywood is thin enough to […] We supply Finnish Birch plywood, Lite-ply and MDF. Our Finland Birch Aircraft Plywood is .8mm and 1.0mm thick and graded GL-2. This grade of Birch ply is reasonably priced and has a fine finish and is suitable for interior paint finish, hard wax oils or veneering. More Info. Call Us: +44 (0)1254 775033. “Birch throughout” which as the name suggests is an all birch veneer construction, generally all the veneers are of the same thickness (1.4 mm before sanding). Back to Products. Well you've found us at last. I would like to opt in to receive marketing communications from Lathams LTD via: We use cookies to personalise content, provide social media features, analyse our traffic and provide tailored functionality, however, we only do this with your consent. James Latham are stockists of a wide range of birch plywood including WISA Birch Premium, WISA Twin, Thin Finnish, GRADA 1000 and Overlaid panels. The sheets we stock are 1220mm wide by 2440mm length, apart from the 1.5mm thick Russian Birch Plywood which is 1525mm wide by 1525mm length. BS 8203:2017- Plywood Annex A. SP101 Flooring Plywood® is a fully reliable component for use in the subfloor base construction for all floor coverings. More Info. Sustainable WISA plywood with professional services offer superior performance and value to every project! Popular for CNC laser work. Explore the iPack website. The GL1 specification of Germanischer Lloyd is extremely high. Plywood is graded using a lettering system, this guide explains what quality of finish should be expected for each of the UK grades including photos. 0.8mm Finnish Birch Plywood . German Lloyd GL-2 is available upon request; please contact us for details on how order GL-2. Plywood & Sheet Goods; Baltic Birch Plywood; The Ultimate Woodshop Plywood. Choose Your Size. Unlike ordinary plywoods, it has no voids, is sanded on both sides and is made up of thin layers that make it very strong. Birch Throughout – II/III Thin Finnish Birch Throughout Flexible Plywood Long grain boards will fold or curve to give … Birch Plywood Panels. Birch plywood is made from only Birch veneers of the same thickness, glued and laid up in alternating directions to the required thickness. Finnish Birch Plywood is used in the construction of many aircraft designs. Marine Plywood . Within this category you will find Birch Plywood sheet materials, available as either FSC / PEFC Certified. Rotary peeled birch veneer suitable for furniture frames and other applications where flexibility is required. For full control of the cookies used by our site view our cookie policy, Closing this popup will accept all cookies. CD – allows for a wide range of natural defects including discolouration,open knots,splits and also some defects created by the peeling process. CD – allows for a wide range of natural defects including discolouration,open knots,splits and also some defects created by the peeling process. >>Read More Cutting and CNC Routering Services Available Laser friendly - or sometimes referred to as Laser ply, this range is interior grade and laser marking a Founded in 1942, Timbmet is a major UK importer, distributor and supplier of Timber and Panel products. High grade Finnish Birch panels resist warping and moisture, won't separate like other plywood.

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